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Types of Memory foam mattress ( what to buy?)

Memory foam mattresses are well known due to their core features. Their ability to imprint pressure applied is one of the essential qualities of memory foam mattresses. Their surface is soft and buttery. Memory foam mattress reviews are quite positive. The way memory foam mattress responds to the pressure is the reason behind their popularity. NASA introduced a memory foam mattress in 1966 for better pressure absorption in space rockets.  Memory foam mattresses were not in everyday use since 1980. One of the main advantages of memory foam mattresses is their movement restriction. Your body sinks inside the bed and makes a perfect cradle, so there are no chances of waking up by any unconscious movement as memory foam fits inside your body.  It also isolates motion very well, resulting in no sleep disruptions. Memory foam mattress distributes weight very well.  It is also helpful in spinal alignment. As our spines have a natural S shape, the way memory foam responds to pressure helps maintain that natural S shape.  The memory foam mattress is extremely silent.  As it is made of a cushion-like substance to there is no chance of noise during movement.

Types of memory foam mattresses

Following are the types of memory foam mattress

1) Traditional Memory foam mattress

The traditional memory foam mattress is widely used, and it was the first invented. It is made up of petroleum-based polymer. Traditional memory foam is denser and softer than the other 2 kinds.  If you prefer budget over comfort, then traditional memory foam is best for you.  The memory foam mattress is more sensitive to pressure and heat.  That is why it is good for pressure relief. Traditional memory foam is heat sensitive, which means that it retains heat from the body, so if you are a hot sleeper, a traditional memory foam mattress is not for you. 

2) gel memory foam mattress

Gel memory foam is used in pillows and mattresses. It was introduced in the early 2010s. It is considered better than the other two types. Gel-infused within this mattress makes it more responsive.  It quickly comes back to its normal position after pressure is released. Gel memory foam mattress has a different internal structure. It has room for ventilation. It does not get hot, so the problem of overheating is not an issue anymore.  If you prefer the classical feel of traditional memory foam and want something to provide support without that awkward sinking feeling, then ge memory foam mattress is ideal for you.

3) plant-based memory foam mattress

The plant-based memory foam mattress is made up of plant materials.  It is considered more eco-friendly.  As they largely consist of natural components, so a very less amount of artificial chemicals are used.  Artificial chemicals are necessary to make it a perfect mattress. Plant-based memory foam mattresses are considered safer than traditional memory foam mattresses as they have more open cells, so they have impressive airflow. This quality also makes them more responsive.